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Campus Ochota: where science, European values and cooperation without borders meet

Campus Ochota is one of the biggest scientific campuses in Central Europe. It is one of those places, which has greatly benefited from Poland’s presence in the European Union and Europe’s unification in achieving scientific goals for building a better society. As a result, an international scientific community has been established in Warsaw, of which Ukrainian colleagues are an important part. At the time of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, our entire Ochota Campus community immediately started supporting both refugees and creating temporary working conditions for scientists from Ukraine to continue their research. We believe that it was possible thanks to the fact that European values are close to all of us, thanks to which we have been involved for years in building a better Europe through science and cooperation. We also believe that Ochota Campus will be a place full of people deeply committed to supporting the rebuilding of the scientific community in Ukraine and its full integration into science without borders. Make Europe not War!!!!

Jacek Jaworski, Warsaw, Poland