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Open boundaries in Hannover

Hanover is a European cosmopolitan city and a provincial metropolis at the same time. Based on the connection of the noble houses, the Guelphs simultaneously provided Hanover’s monarchs and the kings of Great Britain between 1714 and 1837, thus a more than close connection between Germany and England.

To this day, the Herrenhäuser Gardens bear witness to the power and influence of English garden architecture and are places of encounter, also for the numerous students who follow in the footsteps of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz at a total of 15 universities.

In addition, Hanover is also a symbol of small-state conflicts with the neighbouring duchies in past centuries.

Today, the city seeks its future in networking and cooperation, as a transport hub and as a business location with the Hannover Trade Fair, which welcomes thousands of international guests every year. The future is therefore: openness and cooperation, entirely in the spirit of the European idea.