europa rides on zeuss


Blocks of flats in Borodyanka suffered most of the damage in the area during the invasion, particularly in the north of town as russian soldiers were approaching from Belorussia. It took a week to clear the rubble of every ruined building.

The town is in the Bucha region, 61 km from the centre of Kyiv, 13 thousand people used to live here. Mass shootings, bombing, all on UNPROTECTED blocks of flats. On 3 March russian soldiers prevented rescue workers entering the town, didn’t let them clear the rubble and pull out people, were shooting at the emergency vehicles. Local residents were also threatened to be shot if attempted to help those trapped in the rubble. For almost a month people were left under the ruins. Just in two buildings 26 bodies were found, including those of children. The centre of town was 90% destroyed. Demilitarisation? Of residential area? Barbarians! And this is in the CENTRE OF EUROPE IN 21 CENTURY, with its seemingly formed system of human values. We couldn’t believe that this could have happened to our people. And you, Europeans, are probably finding it difficult to believe that this has happened, and we understand. Because such atrocities cannot be easily understood by the consciousness of a normal European. But they are real.