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85 km from the centre of the capital Kyiv. The Russians entered through Belarus, the town was occupied from the second day of the war, for almost 40 days.

The Museum of Local Lore, including the liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Maria Pryimachenko’s art (about 25 paintings) and the centre of administrative services for the population, all in one building. On the second day of occupation on February 25 shells began to destroy it.

Even in the first days of the occupation, residents could move without Russian pressure and permission. Which gave us, the residents, the opportunity to get the most valuable things from the burning museum. We just ran to the visible fire and smoke, tore down the bars on the windows and took out paintings by Maria Pryimachenko and other valuable exhibits, handed them over to people in neighboring houses for further storage. People did not rely on anyone, with their consciousness, they made their own decisions, saved everything. There was no contact with the Fire Department. We want to show the world that it is important not to remain silent, to unite and to stop the whole world from unacceptable cruelty in the 21st century in the heart of Europe.

Igor Mykolaenko