europa rides on zeuss




An obligatory tourist attraction and a district of Kraków – Kazimierz, holds another painful story. History of ethical and cultural ...

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City of dispossesed

Possibly I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the war. My parents wouldn’t have met if German inhabitants weren’t ...

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Europe wreckers

Totalitarianisms lurk from various sides and corners. The war is the darkest consequence of one of their worst contemporary forms. ...

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Freedom Square

Since we finished painting, I’ve been thinking about the discomfort. That I do feel resistance to leaving permanent traces in ...

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Campus Ochota: where science, European values and cooperation without borders meet

Campus Ochota is one of the biggest scientific campuses in Central Europe. It is one of those places, which has ...

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New West Side

On columns supporting a bridge leading walkers into the Happyland Park and opposite an often visited restaurant New West Side. ...

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Szczęśliwicki Park, Warsaw

Making Europe shall begin in the heart of Szczęśliwicki Park (can be translated as Happyland Park). Many Polish and Ukrainian ...

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