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Artworks on the destroyed houses in Irpin’

I was photographing the consequences of the Russian invasion in the city of Irpin, and suddenly I saw this message ...

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85 km from the centre of the capital Kyiv. The Russians entered through Belarus, the town was occupied from the ...

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Population of nearly 37 thousand before the war, 30 km from the centre of Kyiv. Fights were taking place from ...

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Cemetery of vehicles

The evacuation of children and women from Irpin was planned for 5 March. Five train carriages to Kyiv. But russian ...

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Severinivska 158 City of Irpin

158 Severinivska Street, the town of Irpin. Population nearly 70 thousand. 30 km from the centre of Kyiv. Russian soldiers ...

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Blocks of flats in Borodyanka suffered most of the damage in the area during the invasion, particularly in the north ...

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